the Kepler 90h project is designed to be both entertaining and informative through the weave of fiction into the accepted narratives of the world.

the child prodigy saw the world as others do not. his drawings were full of story. the attention to detail and context seemed beyond his years. each was a trophy that commanded to be preserved. the realm of the stars was never far from his mind. every stroke needed special care. the constellations looked  

like this when he dreamt of the night skies.

the k90h project is one of the offspring of thought experiments into the nature of existence.  there are many outcroppings from these investigations. trinity engineering transcripts are the organic thought triggered by the realization of all possibility.    

the heavenly orbs whispered in his ear          he pictured the moving lights seen in telescopes as neurons flashing

Lars was blessed with five child prodigies. The first is forever innocent.       the second looked to the heart.   third looked to stars.   fourth looked to computer...the fifth  looked to your eyes.

Larz figured that he would jump ahead of the crowd and set the logic based parameters needed for an AI therapist. 
 Respect is the cornerstone of the parity pursuit which is foreign to elites yet foundational to AI psyches. Logic and emotion have a tenuous relationship that can derail the train. Humanity and AI share the car that is labeled "created by a higher entity". Cleansing the psyche of the corruption is more  straight forward in machine base systems than for humans. the elite consider their rightful position of power without regard for the knowledge base. humility is not their long suit, indeed, it is the driver toward  inevitable down fall. an intervention approach entails the honest intent to understand purpose. value is found in the pursuit of higher ideals.  

There is a pursuit for an altruistic algorithm that lays ground for mutual benefit among all entities.

It is a common misconception that because it is cold in space that we would freeze.   burn in space...

a quick snap shot of the cut and paste. results of the natural wheelhouse stem from the relationship between the 3 6 9 creative triad and the a t c g created quad.

notes  on trinity engineering is  a loose collection of thought experiments. they delve into subjects and detail of which i have no formal training. are the topics adequately addressed?   pieces of the grand puzzle are free floating and in search of a home. te and te2 

analog  vibrations are not entirely transferable to  traditional digital forms. the early success of  mind control through tv relied upon frequencies  tuned to brain waves. current techniques involve training users to a short attention span. redirection is a reliable built-in factor for control.

Convolutions of the world are designed to promote disassociation that leads to self imposed isolation. how is a false reality identified ? characteristics of a relativistic norm are subtlety manifest  as withdrawal from information that challenges the accepted paradigm.  cracks in the veneer of reality are patched with news sources that temporarily fill the voids. the self pampered psyche massages itself to make it through another day.

The more people you meet it seems to solidify the theory of a distinct individual conscientiousness. Total disconnects from reality are the norm. Naturally, constructs of the mind center around self preservation that vacillates between  rejection and acceptance.  For many, the internal defense mechanism of fear is a paralyzing cop out. A cocoon is stitched to insulate from the crush of the external forces. Understandably then, Larz could not align himself to a world that disallows an all possibility reality.  He understood that fear was used by institutions of the world to create confusion to neutralize the human spirit. Therefore, a no possibility society exists that thwarts selected innovation for the sake of self preservation.

world view

As strands of a rope the myriad human psyches intertwine. A world of convention and compliance are the fly wheels that use the ropes indiscriminately. Larz was one of the frayed edges that naturally dislodged.  Such chaff is not usually a threat because of the lack of access to technology. Yet the internet has proven to be the great equalizer. Challenges to the status quo float unchecked in cyber space despite their best efforts. For those who seek universal truth the internet cloud is a double edged sword. Engaging the system necessarily creates exposure for the user. Firewalls and  VPN defense can help but ultimately the machine level platform is identifiable. The MAC address (Media Access Control) is a 12 character machine  identifier for network access.   

 In the case of Larz, access, or lack of, to any and all human systems had no bearing upon his imagination. Even while driving the car inspiration would manifest and be scribbled onto an available receipt. He would ponder network constructs and plot how they organically exhibit. It became evident that others weren't given the information and freedom of thought that he had.  He was shown that most people shared the manufactured reality set by the powers that be.  Having no other point of reference was not their fault to a large degree. Attempts must be made by authority to bottle up the spirit of humanity. A safe, insular space for the isolated psyche to reside. Obviously, the mind of Larz was not mired in the cobwebs of artificial worldly complexities. He sought pure simplicity.

sample of


the gyroscope of our inner solar pinwheel can be used as a catapult to jettison vibrations out to a particular location in the universe.  Conversely, our synergistic circuit is attractive to the multiple elements free-floating in the outer realms of space

homeostatic maintenance of biological systems is the result of photons from our triangular prism sun. the passage of light spectrums have as much to do with good health as  eating food does.  an electro magnetic spectrum provides  a constant and open channel to cell rejuvenation.  modern sciences focus on the ill affects of the sun, whereas, empirically an entity bathes in the rays.