Composite Circuit

would we be endlessly stuck repeating the same processes? the dimensions keep emerging, seemingly in all things and in all ways. so many categories that rely upon the blindingly simple base principles. such that a flower of life is intricately etched. could the base process behind natural formation ever be understood? it seemed that the pursuit of creative forces would end with no new knowledge of the unknown. like a dark cloud hanging over head, the many ways to say the same thing grew clich√©. yet, new applications emerged spontaneously that sparked the wellspring that brings new joy. a lone journey continued to trace the cosmic circuitry.  

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enlarge       Natural formation processes


the role of a circuit is to promote the completion of a task. a potentiality baseline allows for the use of orchestrated interrupts in the pursuit of its purpose. the end state is a reunion with the beginning to  resolve its role in dimension.  identity is an occupation of relative condition based upon a current role in the creative triad. the members juxtapose accordingly as they move through the various levels. logical conclusions can be traced back to their origin through deductive reasoning.   

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application of systems analysis reveals some underpinnings of the natural order.  as the role of the three in one develops, physicality comes into view. amalgamation is the result we see in our quadrilateral world of physicality.

it is a pleasure to see how concepts come together of their own accord. the logic is almost juicy because it cuts to the heart of the triangulated nature of creative processes. so many angles are covered here in the study of interconnectivity. could these principles point to an internal engine that could power all of known creation? the answer may reside in these circuits. these are the nuts and bolts of the trinity engineering theory.

Temperature and spin

listing some of the basic principles on a paper is all well and good. but what they look like when they move. after all, we live in a world of motion. it preceded us and will continue with or without us. it is movement that starts to reveal the complex interaction between basic tenants. random ideas jotted down  were the basis for further study

Differentiation is surmised to be the primary force created by the conditions described. the entire system is more a function of high and low pressure facilitating the process. heat and cold are the catalysts used to control the system. spin is a result of the inherent movement found in nature.  

there is a space interplay between energy and matter. energy is held in space as a constant. a mostly invisible force that harbors the steady state. matter is the variable operand.  through spin a matter baseline is inherently achieved. the spin role is that of  an antagonist producer. temperature is the protagonist mediator as it facilitates spin through the modulation of vibration. the frequency of matter is inate.  it remaines to be seen if these ideas amount to anything more than fantasy. 

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enlarge        underlying principles note